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The Xchange™ is the engineering structure behind the global talent exchange platform called VirtualStaX. 

VirtualStaX revolutionizes the way in which up-and-coming talent and established athletes and personalities can monetize their ambitions and aspirations through trade of their own digital certificates and socially interact with their fans and supporters.

VirtualStaX provides an exchange platform for talented people to monetize their talent and ideals and for fans and supporters to invest in their favorite talented people - called Issuers - by following them on the app,  purchasing their digital collectable certificates - called StaX  - and trade with it on the secondary market. It affords supporters the opportunity to be part of an Issuer’s journey and interact with him/her in an exclusive environment. 

VirtualStaX covers all possible fields in talent and performance through different trading exchanges called Sub-Xchanges.

The Sub-Xchanges represent all the talent and performance fields available in VirtualStaX and cover just about every passion in life in one category or another. 

There are multiple Sub-Xchanges planned for future versions of VirtualStaX that will include SPORT, ESPORT, MUSICIAN, ARTIST, BUSINESS, ACTOR and CELEBRITY Xchanges. More Sub-Xchanges will be added as required. 

The MUSICIAN, SPORT and INFLUENCER sub-xchanges are currently the only active exchanges on VirtualStaX.

How I Can Become an Issuer

If you wish to become an Issuer* you can complete the Issuer Registration process on the Issuer Dashboard and submit it for approval* (*Terms and Conditions apply). 

PLEASE NOTE - this is a desktop functionality only and should be completed on your PC. 

How to access the Issuer Dashboard:

  1. Click on the Register as an Issuer link in the menu on your mobile device to navigate to the Issuer Onboarding desktop site. 
  2. Access the Issuer Application by clicking on the For Issuers button on the VirtualStaX website that will direct you to the Issuer Onboarding Dashboard where you can complete the registration process.

Every time you buy StaX of your favorite Issuer or of someone else that you believe has potential, you raise the value of that Issuer's StaX. 

As the popularity of an Issuer grows (due to their success, marketing & promotion) so does the value of their StaX and as more people buy StaX of the same Issuer, the value of the StaX increases exponentially and the StaX that you hold gain more value.

You can sell the StaX you own at a higher price and make a profit or hold on to it for accrual value. You can buy and sell StaX at your own discretion and determine your own trading habits on VirtualStaX.

An auction is the activity where an Issuer offers his/her StaX on VirtualStaX to the highest bidder/s. 

This is the first trading activity that the Issuer engages in, and the default number of Stax an Issuer will place on auction is 50 000, which means that there might be multiple owners of the Issuer's Stax when the auction ends.

Once the auction is completed, the successful bidder/s will become the legal owner/s of an Issuer’s StaX Certificate/s. See About Auctions

Collectibles are NFTs created by issuers, divided into four rarity tiers:

1 of 1, Elite, Premium and Series

Each collectible tier comes with unique proximity and utility benefits. Collectibles are minted by trading in StaX or series StaX.

StaX are digital collectible blockchain certificates (virtual cards) that fans can buy, sell or collect of their favorite personalities called Issuers on VirtualStaX, and it includes athletes, artists, musicians, etc.

A StaX certificate is Issuer-specific and showcases the Issuer’s special attributes and achievements that will be of interest to his/her fans.

An Issuer is a personality, sportsperson, musician, or any talented person, amateur or professional, who issues his/her StaX (digital collectible certificates) on auction on VirtualStaX for their fans to buy and invest in. The funds generated from the sale of an Issuer's StaX will contribute to financing his/her development journey in a chosen field or talent. 

Issuers may also use VirtualStaX as a communication channel to interact with fans on their other social media platforms by sharing interesting content, news or announcements in the app. 

The Global Performance Index (GPX) is a unique algorithm developed by TheXchange that shows how Issuers rank on VirtualStaX based on the activity on their account and the movement of their StaX. 

It comprises a complex mix of metrics, including the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), diversity of  followers and backers, price performance since first auction and the platform's social metrics, and is represented as a number out of /1000. 

How does it work?

  1. Issuers participate in an auction, which evaluates the demand for their StaX.
  2. As the auction completes, the listing price per StaX is determined.
  3. Users can now buy, hold, and sell StaX on the secondary market. 
  4. Further social participation and interaction, combined with trade will drive the GPX. 
  5. The GPX will fluctuate depending on the above activities.

KYC (Know-your-customer) is a verification process in which companies make sure that their potential clients are using their own, legitimate identity documentation to verify their identity, and that their intentions are legitimate. This process is widely used in the financial, investment and banking industries. The VirtualStaX app partners with the Veriff platform for the KYC process.

Also see Identity Verification (KYC)

Your order book holds all the active buy and sell orders associated to the selected issuer and can be accessed via the Pro sell and buy once you have completed *KYC level 2. (*See Identity Verification)

The order book shows the amount of StaX currently available (up for sale) as well as the StaX price. You can view both active buy and sell orders together or toggle between them. You can also view the trade history which will show all the concluded buy and sell orders.

When you open the app, you will always land on the Discover screen/page. 

All  new Issuers on the app or newly scheduled auctions feature under the Hot tab. 

Watchlist holds all the Issuers that you have flagged and are interested in following or supporting. 

When you tap on Watchlist on the Auctions screen, all your flagged Issuers and their auction status will be displayed. 

Under the Backing tab, you will find the issuers whose StaX you own. 

It is strongly recommended that you build a portfolio of Issuers that you want to follow by flagging/putting them on your watchlist, before you partake in any trading on the app. 


Get to know more about an issuer by reading the Issuer’s bio on the About tab. 

Performance Tab

View and monitor the performance of an Issuer’s StaX by clicking on this tab. It will give you a filterable overview of the Issuer’s  StaX market performance with a time span selector. It indicates the performance of the StaX price,  the GPX score (See What is GPX?), how many people own this Issuer’s StaX - Backers, and how many Followers he/she has. 

It will also indicate if the Issuer has an auction scheduled for a future date, which allows you to select the Set Start Reminder to remind you when the auction starts. When the auction is Live, indicated by a red label at the top of the screen, you will be able to place a bid directly from the Performance screen by tapping the Place Bid button.  

If you own any StaX of the Issuer already, this will also be indicated on this screen under Your StaX  - StaX Owned and Total Value.        


You can view all the auction details of an Issuer’s auction under the Auctions Tab.


An Issuer's posts and reels will be able for you to view under the Posts tab and you can engage by liking or commenting on the posts. 

  1. Age

You must be 18 years or older to be able to use and trade on the VirtualStaX App due to the contractual obligations pertaining to both the user and VirtualStaX.
Please see: Terms-and-Conditions 

  1. Documents required

Documents required to complete identity verification through the Veriff process are an original, physical government-issued document such as an ID document/card or passport that is undamaged and contains your date of birth and a portrait picture (for Face Match). 

  1. Location: Restricted countries

The VirtualStaX App is currently not available for users residing in the following countries: 

  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

OFAC - Sanctioned Country List

  • Afghanistan
  • Balkans
  • Belarus
  • Burundi
  • Central African Republic
  • Crimea Ukraine
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • Nicaragua
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan and Darfur
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

App Menu

Tabs ( Mobile view - desktop in same order)

VirtualStaX is a web-based application that gives you the flexibility to access and use the app on your PC or mobile device and you can complete your registration on the app on either one of the two. 

*By completing the registration on the VirtualStaX App, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and residing in an unrestricted/banned country. *See Age, Documents and Location

Complete your registration by following these steps: 

  1. Enter a contactable email address which you will use to sign in and manage your account on the app.
  2. Read our VirtualStaX Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  3. Tick the box to indicate if you agree. You will not be able to register on the app if you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, or if the checkbox is not checked. 
  4. Complete your email verification by entering the 6-character code sent to your email. 
  5. Create a unique password which will be used for signing in purposes 
  6. Choose a Username that you will use to be identified with on VirtualStaX.  You will not be able to change or edit this Username once you have created it . To change or edit it, you will have to contact us at
  7. Add a profile picture from your device gallery, or allow VirtualStaX access to your camera and take a photo (selfie)(not compulsory)
  8. Tap the Create Account button to create your VirtualStaX account - welcome onboard! 

When completing the registration process, you will receive a 6-character code sent to the email address you have entered on the app. Enter the code in the space on the VirtualStaX App. 

Check your spam folder if you have not received the OTP or tap on the Resend Code button to have another code sent. The code is only valid for 30 minutes.

*See Creating your VirtualStaX account

Your wallet must be activated and have funds to enable you to trade.  Once your wallet is set up, you can start trading by buying and selling StaX. There are two modes of trading in the app – Lite mode and Pro mode and you can choose in which mode you wish to trade. 

For more information on setting up your wallet, see My Wallet.

There are two levels of KYC in the app - each allows a specific range of activities on the app. 

KYC Level 1 requirements:

You are registered with your mobile number and met the following wallet threshold criteria:

  • If the sum of any intended deposit amount together with all other deposits already received during a day is below $2000; AND
  • If the aggregated value of all deposits over the lifetime of the wallet is below $10 000.
  • If the cumulative balance of the wallet remains below $2000 during any single calendar day.

Please note: If you have completed KYC Level 1 status, you may only deposit and trade on the platform and cannot access the withdraw function. 

KYC Level 2 requirements:
  • you will have to perform KYC Level 2 only if the KYC level 1 threshold is triggered
  • If a user has KYC Level 2 status the user may deposit, withdraw or trade on the platform.

VirtualStaX is a trading platform where financial transactions will take place and to prevent any fraudulent activities we require that every user who partakes in trading activities verify their identity. VirtualStaX operates with Circle banking interfaces for payment and withdrawal purposes, and all banking transactions into and out of the user’s wallet, and we therefore comply with the Circle User Agreement requirements.

Sign in to your VirtualStaX account by using your email address and the unique password you created when you created your account.

You will be able to set up and edit your account and security preferences under this heading in your menu. You can edit your profile by clicking on the edit icon to :

  • change your profile picture
  • change your usernameA
  • edit your email
  • reset your password
  • reset your wallet PIN
  • manage devices linked to your account and 
  • set your account up to trade in an anonymous mode that will hide your username when you trade on the platform.

If you have not completed the KYC level 2 (See Identity Verification (KYC) ) your Account verification will display a red Unverified label.

. You will still be able to fund your wallet and trade on the app, but with certain limits set on your funding and activity in your wallet.  You will, for instance, not be able to withdraw any funds from your wallet if your account is unverified. 

The label changes to green

if you have verified your identity, and this status will give you unlimited wallet access. 

In the event that you have forgotten or want to reset your password, tap on the Forgot Password button and you will be directed to the Reset Password process.

You will be required to enter the email address that you registered with. A 6-charcter OTP code will be sent to this email address. This OTP code is valid for 24 hrs. 

To reset your password enter the 6-character code in the space provided and tap the Confirm Code button. 

You will be prompted to create a new password and be notified when your password has been successfully reset.

You have the option to trade anonymously. If this option is selected,  other users will not be able to see your username when you take part in auctions or buy and sell StaX. See Account & Security

You have the option to decide which notifications you would like to receive or not. This is done via the Hamburger Menu - Notification Settings function. You can select to ignore or include notifications, which can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Social Events
  • Auction Events
  • Trade Events
  • Xchange Events
  • Wallet Events

To add or withdraw funds from your wallet, you will have to add a payment method or methods in your wallet that you will use to transact with.  You are allowed to add more than one payment method.

Payment methods:


Load your Visa or Master credit or debit card to make a direct payment. Please take note that all monetary transactions are managed and monitored by our financial partner, Circle Internet Financial, LLC. and they have set the following limits on all card transactions during this launch phase of the app:

Wire Transfer

Link your bank account to deposit via wire transfer.  Your bank account details will be verified before you can make a deposit. 

ACH (USA only)

Secure logon to your bank account for direct bank transfers and withdrawals.

  • To access your wallet, you  must complete the KYC level 1 process and provide your first and last names, and your mobile number for verification.  
  • Follow the process and screen prompts and create a PIN to secure your wallet. Once you have created your PIN, you can fund your wallet. 
  • Fund your wallet by choosing one of three  deposit methods: card, wire transfer or ACH*(*for USA users only).  Follow the prompts to set up your selected method of deposit to fund your wallet. See Buying VirtualStaX tokens.

  • When you have added your payment method, you can enter the amount you want to fund your wallet.  See Fee Schedule
  • Your wallet will be credited and show Available Balance ($) in the app. 
  • Simply add or select a withdrawal method, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and confirm your withdrawal*. See Fee Schedule

Making use of Circle Internet Financial Inc. services requires that you are informed of their USDC Terms.   To familiarise yourself with these terms see Terms & Conditions: USDC Terms.

Making use of Circle Internet Financial Inc. services requires that you are informed of their User Agreement.  To familiarise yourself with the content of the agreement  see Terms & Conditions: User Agreement.

The VirtualStax app uses Circle Internet Financial, Inc., a global financial technology company facilitating digital. transactions. See Terms & Conditions:  Wallet Terms.

StaX auctions are the first opportunity available to acquire a new issuer’s StaX. When issuers join the Xchange, 50,000 of their StaX are auctioned over a 7-day period.  See About Auctions

The Auction Process

The only time that a user may place, alter or withdraw a Bid is when the Auction is in Live status. The user has to follow the bidding process which can be outlined as follows:

New Bid (Place Bid)
  1. When the user has not bid on an auction as yet, he/she can  click or tap on the Place Bid button.
  2. A New Bid may be placed on any of the 7 Auction days. It does not only have to be placed on Day 1.
  3. A Bid must be more or equal to $1.00 in value.
  4. Once a Bid has been placed, the user may only withdraw the bid if the Bid Amount is less than the StaX Price. The StaX Price is calculated from Day 2 onwards. Any bids placed on Day 1, therefore, cannot be withdrawn until Day 2; and only if the Bid Amount was less than the StaX Price.
  5. Once a Bid has been placed the bid amount is reserved and the amount is deducted from the user’s wallet.
Increase Bid

Once a Bid has been placed, the user may never reduce the Bid Amount, only increase it.

  1. This can be performed any time, while the Auction is still Live.
  2. Increasing the Bid has the same restrictions as a New Bid, with the added restriction that it may only be placed if it is less than the Previous Bid Amount.
Withdraw Bid

Once the StaX Price has been calculated (Day 2 onwards), this determines whether a Bid qualifies or not.

  1. If it is higher than or equal to the StaX Price, it qualifies and cannot be withdrawn. 
  2. If it is lower than the StaX Price, the Bid does not qualify, in which event the user is notified of his/her Bid being Too Low. Only when the Bid is too low, can the user Withdraw the Bid. 
  3. Withdrawing a bid causes the Bid to be canceled and the funds that were reserved for the Bid, are returned to the user’s Wallet.

After the Auction ends successfully, the distribution of StaX to all bidders takes place.

  1. The distribution is based on StaX Price vs Bid Amount, per bidder.
  2. The number of StaX that the bidder receives is calculated as: Bid Amount divided by the StaX Price.
  3. No Bidder may receive more than 10% of the number of StaX listed for auction. 
  4. Any residual will be refunded to the bidder. For example:

Say the Bid Amount was $5.50 and the StaX Price was calculated as $2.00. The bidder will receive 2 StaX (calculated as $5.50 divided by $2.00) and $1.50 is refunded to the bidder, since it is not enough to purchase a third StaX.

Auction Canceled

When an Auction is Canceled, all bidding should have stopped by this point and any bid amounts reserved are then returned to the respective bidders. The Auction must be rescheduled by the Issuer upon which it then starts with Scheduled status (1) again.

Day 1

For the first day, bidders place blind bids. This means that they won’t know how many StaX their bid is worth. Once a bid is placed it can only be increased, not withdrawn.

Day 2 to 7

On day 2, the amount of StaX that bids are worth will be revealed. So long as a bid is worth 1 StaX or more it can be increased, not withdrawn.

At least 5 bids and a bid pool worth $100 or more are required for the auction to end successfully. All bids will receive the amount of StaX they are worth. Bids not worth any StaX will be reversed and the funds returned to the bidders’ wallets.

You can quickly navigate to and manage all of your bids in one place whenever you see the bids & orders icon in the app


Any funds leftover from your bid that were not used during an auction will be refunded into your wallet. This could be due to your bid being withdrawn, an auction being cancelled or the difference between your bid and final StaX price when the auction ends. 


Any funds leftover from your order cost that were not used to buy StaX will be refunded into your wallet. This could be due to your order expiring, ending early or if we managed to get you StaX at a cheaper price. 

You can view all scheduled and active auctions under the Auctions tab.

You should bid at least a minimum token value of $1. There is no limit to the maximum amount that you can bid. 

Tap on Place Bid on an Issuer’s profile

  1. A New Bid may be placed on any of the 7 Auction days. It does not only have to be placed on Day 1.
  2. A Bid must be >= $1.00 in value.
  3. Once a Bid has been placed, the user may only withdraw the bid if the Bid Amount is less than the StaX Price. The StaX Price is calculated from Day 2 onwards. Any bids placed on Day 1, therefore, cannot be withdrawn until Day 2; and only if the Bid Amount was less than the StaX Price.
  4. Once a Bid has been placed the bid amount is reserved, the amount is deducted from the user’s wallet.

You will be notified if your bid has been successful and the number of StaX allocated according to your bid amount will be transferred to you and can be viewed in My StaX.

Automatic Cancelation

At least 5 bids and a bid pool worth $100 or more are required for the auction to end successfully.
If the bids are less than 5, or the pool worth less than $100 after the 7-day period, it will be automatically canceled and the bidders will receive a refund. 

Canceled by Bidder

As a  user/bidder you  can cancel a bid when you receive a notification that your bid is too low.  You have the option to increase your bid, or cancel your bid.  This is  the only instance where a bid can be cancelled by a user. 

There are two modes of trade  in the VirtualStaX app and you can choose which one you prefer. Each comes with its own functionalities and the lite trade mode unfortunately won't allow  you to withdraw your funds.

Lite Trade Mode

Anyone can use pro trade mode but not everyone needs to. If you prefer a more simple interface or streamlined experience then stick to Lite trade mode. You can switch to Lite mode any time at the top right of your screen.

Pro Trade Mode

If you’re a more advanced trader or would like access to additional features, switch to pro trade mode at the top right of the screen. You can switch back to lite trade mode at any time.

The key difference between lite and advanced trade mode is that now you have access to the issuer’s order book to help guide your StaX price decision.

When you create your order, we use the dollar amount that you enter to get an understanding of how much you are willing to spend. Once you confirm your order, our system fetches the current StaX price. 

This is when we calculate the maximum number of StaX you can get for the dollar amount that you entered. Once we have the StaX price and the number of StaX, we can provide your order’s actual cost. 

If you would like to receive an exact amount of StaX at a specific StaX price, switch to Pro trade mode.

To list your StaX that you own for sale, simply enter the number of StaX you would like to sell and the price per StaX. Depending on market movement, you could sell all your StaX immediately or over time. You will be notified as your StaX are sold.

You’ll be able to monitor or manage your listing by navigating to “Your bids, orders and listings”. If you choose to end your listing early, any StaX that were not sold will be returned to your StaX collection.

It’s important to remember that if you sell all the StaX you hold in an Issuer, you will no longer have access to their StaX certificate, premium posts and other benefits still to come.

Partially filled orders are any buy orders or sale listings where the full StaX amount defined, during the buy order or sale listing process, have not been sold or bought yet. If you cancel a buy order or sale listing before it is completed that order can also be defined as a partially filled order.


By using VirtualStaX as an Issuer and sharing and uploading content including written content,  images and/or videos (reels) you agree and are bound to uphold our VirtualStaX community standards and guidelines as set out herein and in our Terms & Conditions Policy, par 5. 

Use of Platform

We commit ourselves and the safety and integrity of our community to these guidelines and we expect the same of all Issuers and Users, who interact on VirtualStaX.  

Any transgressions of our guidelines or Terms and Conditions, will be dealt with as stipulated in paragraph  5.7.1. Of our Terms and Conditions:  

If you engage in any of the activities prohibited in terms of clause 5 of these terms, we may, at our sole discretion, without notice or liability to you and without limiting any of our other rights or remedies at law or in equity, immediately suspend or terminate your user account and/or delete your VirtualstaX from the app. If we reasonably believe that you are engaged in any of the prohibited activities, we reserve the right to void any transaction that was made as a result of such activity, and/or immediately confiscate any VirtualstaX (including collector stax) that were derived as a result of such prohibited activities.


All content uploaded to the Virtual Stax platform are subject to sanction and appropriate action will be taken by the admin if it contains posts, images or videos that contains any of the following:

  1. Sexually explicit content or any form of nudity with a sexual connotation
  2. Harassment or bullying
  3. Coercion of the users or supporters
  4. Compromising personal safety and that of our community
  5. Threatening, violent harmful content
  6. Encouraging or instigating criminal behavior or illegal activity
  7. Promoting, encouraging or fueling or supporting terrorism, hate groups, and hate speech
  8. Promoting political content
  9. Infringing on any copyrighted or trademarked content
  10. Misinformation, false information, impersonation or any deceptive practices

If you wish to become an Issuer * you can access the Issuer Dashboard by:

  1. Clicking on the link available in the menu on your mobile device to navigate to the desktop site. (Terms & Conditions apply )

2. Access the Issuer Application by clicking on the Talent - Issue Stax button on the VirtualStaX website that will direct you to the Issuer Onboarding Dashboard where you can complete the registration process.

The mobile Register as an Issuer button, and the Talent - Issue StaX button both navigate to the Issuer Onboarding Dashboard, where you can complete your 7-step application process to become an Issuer. All applications are subject to approval and compliance with our Age Documents and Locations Requirements guidelines. 

TheXchange reserves the right to reject applications that do not comply with these requirements mentioned above and/or our Terms and Conditions.

Step 1: Create an account: Create an account to start or, if you already have an account, sign in.

Step 2: Pay listing fee: A $7.50 listing fee to cover identity verification and admin costs is required to
create your Issuer Profile. (Non-refundable)

Step 3: Verify your identity: We have to make sure you are who you say you are, that’s how we keep our
community safe! Please have a type of personal identification ready.

Step 4: Create your Issuer Profile: Build your public profile in 3 easy steps.

Step 5: Create your StaX certificate: Build your public profile in 3 easy steps.

Step 6: Submit for approval: Our team will review your profile and StaX certificate. You will not be able to
edit your submission during this process. 

Step 7: Take your profile live: Take your profile to go live when you’re ready for people to see and find
your profile on VirtualStaX. 

Your profile will only be visible on the VirtualStaX platform, once you registration has been approved and you have made your profile live. 

Issuers can upload reels (short videos) and post updates on the Content page on the Issuer Dashboards.

Uploading Reels

  1. Select the Reels tab and click on the  button to redirect to  the Upload Reel page.
  2. Select a video file  through your device’s File Browser.
  3. The App performs some basic checks on the video file, i.e:
  • the length of the video must not exceed 90 seconds
  • Maximum file size 100MB, and
  • video must preferably be in a  portrait orientated view (upright rectangle).
  1. The video is sent to a Reels Moderation Queue with a  Reel pending approval  status. It will remain in this state for as long as it takes the moderators to process the reel.
  2. If approved, the Issuer’s reel is published to the platform and when rejected, the reel is marked with and overlay, stating: Rejected
  3. If your reel was rejected you will receive an email from the admin indicating the reason(s) why it was rejected. 

Uploading Posts

  1. The Feed page has three tabs associated with it:
  • All - displays both Public and Premium posts. Only Users who own StaX of an Issuer will have access to premium posts. 
  • Public - displays only the Public Posts that the Issuer published for all users to view. 
  • Premium - displays only the Premium Posts and exclusive content for all users who own his/her StaX. 
  1. Select the Feed tab and click on the button to redirect the user to the Create Post page.
  2. Select the type of post you want to create; Public or Premium  When creating a post while the Public tab is active, it is assumed that the Issuer is creating a new public post.
  3.  When creating a post while the Premium is active, the new post is assumed to be a premium post.
  4. The posts are always displayed in order of most recently posted first, oldest post last. These refer to the Issuer’s own published posts only.                       

Please see VirtualStaX Content Guidelines

Tap the Upload Images or Video button to select existing photographs or videos that you already have saved on your PC.This will show on your profile  as part of your album.

You can upload a maximum of 3 media items with the required formats:

  • high quality images (jpg/PNG max 12MB) 
  • short videos (mp4 max 50MB)

These media items are displayed as thumbnails next to each other under the About You section.

Also refer to other Issuer’s profiles on VirtualStaX to give you a better idea of how your images and videos will be displayed. 

This section contains the information that will display on your StaX Certificate, which is the most important feature on your profile – this is the trading card that people will receive when they bid on or buy your StaX.  How your BaseStaX is going to look, is ultimately dependent on the image you choose and how you edit that image.


All the information that will be displayed on your StaX is explained in this section:

  • YOUR DISPLAY NAME: the name that will display on your StaX Certificate
  • CHARITABLE GIVING: the percentage you want to designate to charities
  • XCHANGE & CATEGORY: the Xchange and category selected for your passion and/or talent
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: your real name or nickname that will display in capital letters
  • GPX: Shows as a value / 1000 after your first auction, based on trading activity and interaction
  • OWNER: displays the username of the person who owns your StaX
  • MARKET PRICE & FLUCTUATION: the last price at which your StaX were bought and ensuing fluctuation
  • CIRCULATION:  the amount of your StaX currently circulating in the market.


  • This image is the focal point of your StaX certificate - add an image that will represent you best. A torso shot (half body) is preferred.
  • Important: The background must be removed from the image you use.  Our onboarding platform allows you to remove the background and gives you 3 attempts to get it right.
  • You can scale the image to the size you want and position it where you want it on your StaX. 
  • Have a look at the StaX  Certificates already on the app. To give you an idea of what your StaX will look like. 


You can use any of the tools on the Adjustments screen to fine tune your BaseStaX. It allows you to adjust or reset:

  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Saturation

Save and Exit if you want to complete your StaX at a later stage.

Click on Complete BaseStaX if you are satisfied with your StaX certificate.

How to Schedule an ISO Live Auction

Once you have activated your profile the next step will be to schedule an auction by tapping on the Schedule StaX Auction button at the bottom of the Auction screen on the Issuer Dashboard.

The process is simple to follow and you only have to  select a date and time when you  want the auction to go live and confirm that it should be scheduled for the chosen date and time, by tapping Confirm Date & Time 

You can track your performance on the VirtualStaX app by selecting the Performance tab on the Issuer Dashboard where you can view:

  • your StaX sales per auction
  • your Order Book status
  • your Overall Earnings
  • your GPX  (Global Performance Index) reflected by the number of StaX sold,  backers, supporters and social engagements.

Yes, you will be able to trade as your KYC verification process automatically registered you as a User/Buyer as well. If you want to buy- or bid on another Issuer’s StaX, you can switch from Issuer to Buyer by clicking on the Switch to Buyer button in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

The VirtualStaX App currently only allows for two social media platforms to be linked: Instagram and Twitter, you will have to link at least ONE of these social media accounts to activate your Issuer profile successfully.  

You will be required to link your social media accounts on the Social Links page while creating your Issuer Profile. Clicking on the Sign In button will direct you to the chosen social media platform login page and you will have to log in on the platform to grant access the necessary access.

Remove Twitter from your account

To remove your linked Twitter account integration from your issuer profile, follow the instructions at Your Twitter link will be removed from your issuer profile.

Remove Instagram from your account

To remove your linked Instagram account integration from your issuer profile, follow the instructions at Your Instagram link will be removed from your issuer profile.

Please send an email to with the edits you would like to make to your profile. Your trading symbol, username and Xchange can’t be changed.

Although not compulsory, any percentage of the sales of VirtualStaX donated is regarded as a gesture of goodwill in paying it forward. See Charitable giving

TheXchange supports three foundations that are funded through the sales of Issuer Stax on the VirtualStaX platform. 

Visit the VIrtualStaX website at these links to read more about these foundations. The Heart of Compassion Foundation, the Heart of Sport Foundation ( and CHEN (

Please take note of Clause 10. Third Party Fees and Clause 11. VirtualStaX Prices & Fees in our Terms & Conditions

Please take note of Clause 10. Third Party Fees and Clause 11. VirtualStaX Prices & Fees in our Terms & Conditions

Please take note of Clause 10. Third Party Fees and Clause 11. VirtualStaX Prices & Fees in our Terms & Conditions

Please take note of Clause 10. Third Party Fees and Clause 11. VirtualStaX Prices & Fees in our Terms & Conditions