The StaX Ambassadors

Celebrities & Sport stars from around the world are partnering with TheXchange®.

People for People™


StaX were created to support people from all passions of life.

Now, anyone can monetizE popularity
to create a new funding stream.

What Are

VirtualStax creates a new fan experience that lets you own and trade StaX in your favorite people 

The First StaX Category to Launch!
Launching Q4 2021

Own VirtualStaX in your favorite gamers & streamers.

Launching 2022
Launching 2022
Launching 2022
Launching q1 2022
Launching 2022
Launching 2022

More StaX categories Launching Soon!

Stay tuned for updates to our release schedule.

Introducing the

Fans can own or trade StaX through
the VirtualStaX mobile app

Let’s revolutionize fan interaction forever, together!

VirtualStaX are released on TheXchange through the StaX App.  Buy, share and trade StaX with your favorite talented individuals through the App.

Launching Soon!

Coming Soon!

Discover Talent

Search for, discover, and follow rising talent world wide on the StaX App.

Connect with Stars

StaX are your ticket to a new fan economy!  Be a part of the journey of your favorite talented people and access exclusive content.

Trade & Own StaX

Share in the success!  Buy and trade StaX in your favorite people and build a portfolio that can become more valuable as their popularity rises!

A world-first platform for
talented people

Talented people at all levels and in any passion of life can register on the StaX Issuer App to create and release their own VirtualStaX  and connect with fans all over the globe.

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A heart for people forms the very core of TheXchange.  There are two foundations connected to TheXchange & VirtualStaX: the Heart of Compassion Foundation and the Heart of Sport Foundation.  Every talented person that releases their VirtualStaX & fans can choose how much they want to give back.

Heart of compassion

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Heart of sport

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