What are VirtualStaX?

VirtualStaX are Blockchain Certificates that empower talented people to monetize their dreams, simultaneously giving their fans a way to share in their journey and success.

What is the VirtualStaX platform?

The VirtualStaX App allows fans and talent to buy, issue, sell, and trade blockchain certificates. Allowing talent to raise funding from their fans by offering them an opportunity to acquire unique digital collectibles and follow in their journey.

Which StaX categories currently exist?

SportStaX, EsportStaX, MusicianStaX, ArtistStaX, BusinessStaX, ActorStaX, and InfluencerStaX are some of the categories with more expected in the future.

Are VirtualStaX NFT’s?

VirtualStaX are fungible tokens not NFT’s. Issuers (talented person) will have the ability to launch their own NFT collections on the platform.

Where are StaX bought, sold, and traded?

On the VirtualStaX platform, you can issue, buy, sell, collect and trade StaX.

How do you make money from your StaX?

The issuer (talented person) collects 90% of the total revenue of the initial sale of their StaX.

What is TurnCoin?

TurnCoin is the only revenue-sharing digital security that derives its value and yield from all VirtualStaX sales. Learn more on turncoin.com

How do VirtualStaX and TurnCoin relate?

VirtualStaX is the business model behind TurnCoin. TurnCoin holders get a monthly yield generated from the 10% of every VirtualStaX sale.

Is Proof of Ownership of your VirtualStaX guaranteed?

Proof of ownership is absolute and verifiable as each StaX transaction is processed by the exchange engine and is recorded on a blockchain.

How is pricing established for StaX when they are first created?

The initial auction of each issuer on the platform establishes a consensus of fair market value for a new issuer’s (talented person’s) StaX.

What does it mean to join the waitlist for the VirtualStaX App?

Joining your favorite StaX Ambassador's team puts you first in line for all information around the VirtualStaX platform launch. This means you can be amongst the first to get your hands on StaX when they become available. Oh, and we're giving away cool prizes to people part of the waitlist, especially the winners.

Whose team can I join and what is the difference between each Ambassador's team on the waitlist?

You can join any waitlist by choosing either Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Randy Jackson, Von Miller, Cam Jordan, or Wendell Carter. We will have exciting prizes from each Ambassador for those on the waitlist. There will be a competition between the Ambassadors to see whose team has the best fans, time to represent!

I see there's a leaderboard. How does it work?

You can climb the leaderboard by sharing your unique referral link with your friends and family. When your referral link is used, your score goes up. Winners receive the biggest prizes but we'll be doing random giveaways too so anyone can win on the VirtualStaX waitlist!

Can I win any prizes by joining the waitlist?

You don’t want to miss out on some amazing prizes. From signed merchandise, virtual and in-person meet and greets, and trips to meet your favorite ambassador! You never know what else, that is why it is so important to join the waitlist and invite your friends so you can move to the top!

Where can I find out more about VirtualStaX and the Ambassadors?

For more information about VirtualStaX, the VirtualStaX platform and the Ambassadors visit our social media pages. Welcome, This journey is just getting started.