What are StaX?

StaX are exclusive blockchain certificates issued by talented people and offered for trade on the VirtualStaX platform. There are two types of StaX: BaseStaX - and CollectorStaX. *See Are StaX NFT’s?

What is an Issuer?

An Issuer is a talented person who wants to monetize his/her dreams and aspirations by issuing and trading digital blockchain certificates - called StaX - on the VirtualStaX platform.

What is the VirtualStaX platform?

The VirtualStaX platform is a unique and exclusive web-based app that can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices that allows talented people - amateurs and professionals - to create and trade with blockchain certificates called StaX. Fans and followers can acquire unique digital collectibles to trade with, interact socially with them and share in their journey.

What are VirtualStaX Sub-Xchanges?

The Xchange™ is the engineering structure behind the global talent exchange called VirtualStaX. Sub-Xchanges are all the fields of passion or talent represented on VirtualStaX. There are three active Sub-Xchanges; SportStaX, InfluencerStaX and MusicianStaX. Future Sub-Xchanges are: EsportStaX, ArtistStaX, BusinessStaX and ActorStaX.

Are StaX NFT’s?

BaseStaX classify as fungible tokens while CollectorStaX will classify as NFT’s when it is launched at a later stage.

Where are StaX traded?

All StaX trading - including auctions - happens exclusively on the VirtualStaX platform.

How can you benefit from your StaX ownership?

You can sell the StaX you own on the secondary market at a price you determine, which can be higher than the price that you paid for it. The value of your StaX will depend on the demand in the market.

What is TurnCoin?

TurnCoin is the only revenue-sharing digital security that derives its value and yield from all VirtualStaX sales. Learn more on turncoin.com

How do VirtualStaX and TurnCoin relate?

VirtualStaX is the business model behind TurnCoin. TurnCoin holders get a monthly yield generated from the 10% of every VirtualStaX sale.

Is Ownership of your StaX guaranteed?

Ownership is absolute and verifiable as each StaX transaction is processed by TheXchange engine and is recorded on a blockchain.

How is pricing established for StaX when they are first created?

The StaX price is determined by the highest bid in an auction.

Who are the VirtualStaX Ambassadors?

You can view our current ambassadors at this link: https://www.virtualstax.com/ambassadors on our website.

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