With VirtualStax our mission is insanely simple; to empower people by creating the world’s first exchange that provides people with the opportunity to fund their own dreams, monetize their popularity and cultivate a following of loyal fans who can share in their success.

Whether a rising star or a superstar, everyone can leverage VirtualStaX to create an unforgettable digital experience for their fans. VirtualStaX are blockchain certificates issued by talented people from various industries through TheXchange, the first global exchange for talent. It targets people from all passions of life including artists, actors, celebrities, musicians, business people, athletes, and gamers.

Share in people’s journeys and create a legacy by joining the VirtualStaX community today. VirtualStaX is powered by TheXchange.

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The Foundations

Our belief in people forms the very core of TheXchange.

TheXchange founded three foundations that are funded through VirtualStaX:
The Heart of Compassion Foundation, the Heart of Sport Foundation and CHEN.

Every talented person that releases their VirtualStaX & fans can choose how much they want to give back.

People for people
Our Partners
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