July 21, 2022



July 21, 2022

VirtualStaX and BurrstSports have partnered for talented student athletes across the USA to showcase their passion and sporting talent to a global audience through the VirtualStaX App. BurrstSports is a brand that helps the next generation of young athletes monetize their personal brand through the exciting world of Web3. The partnership between VirtualStaX and BurrstSports allows fans, family, and friends to invest in the athlete’s career by owning blockchain certificates, including NFTs, of themselves (their personal brand).

Founder and CEO of BurrstSports, Grant Sapkin, discusses the partnership and explains how it provides a life-changing opportunity to upcoming athletes seeking to show the world their passions through a one-of-a-kind platform, the VirtualStaX App. As founder of BurrstSports, Grant has a vision to help over 10,000 student athletes monetize their brand in the form of digital collectibles. This includes male and female athletes from several states across the country playing various sports such as football, basketball, baseball, track and field, hockey, soccer and lacrosse to name a few. 

BurrstSports was founded when laws surrounding an athlete’s NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) were changed by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) in 2021 which now allow athletes at any stage in their career to monetize their personal brand directly instead of receiving portions of revenue from the teams and institutions they play for. This enables them to independently have their own sponsorship deals as well as additional revenue streams such as NFT collections to acquire funding needed to progress in their sporting careers.

For several decades, high school and college athletes would have to abide by rules and laws on how, when, and what they can promote of themselves. They could never be compensated for their name, image, or likeness associated with their developing career. All the effort and hard work that each athlete would put in would often go unnoticed, unappreciated or without compensation whilst the majority of revenue would go to the team or institution they are a part of. At the professional level they would be paid based on their value. But why not sooner? Grant expressed his optimism for the industry considering the opportunity young athletes now have by stating that the digital collectible industry is “the future that empowers people to experience the physical and digital worlds come together”.

An athlete’s brand is important as they progress in their career and the BurrstSports partnership with VirtualStaX helps these athletes stand out from the rest. The hard work put in by young athletes should not go unnoticed and BurrstSports believes every student athlete should be able to promote themselves with compensation in return, a belief that resonates strongly with the mission of VirtualStaX. Grant and his team are striving to build a strong sports community that is rewarded for being part of a community that supports rising athletes. Similar to VirtualStaX, BurrstSports’ aim is to connect athletes with fans not just in their hometown but with the world over the long term. He further mentioned,”The athletes are especially excited by the idea of being listed on a global exchange alongside their favorite sporting stars on the VirtualStaX App.”

Grant is proud to see the visions of both BurrstSports and VirtualStaX align and believes the well-known VirtualStaX Ambassadors will motivate a huge number of athletes to use VirtualStaX in order to feel empowered and push their career to the top and strive to be the next big name in their respective sport. Grant believes that the timing of the partnership is ideal due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic which has emphasized the importance of building sustainable communities and support systems for young athletes starting their journey which is now a possibility through VirtualStaX. The roadmap for the partnership consists of continuously onboarding athletes from all corners of the USA and educating them on the opportunities that are available to them through the VirtualStaX App.

Author: Jesko Hoffmann

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